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Meet Lori Poland

Change Maker

Lori is a thought leader by nature, guiding and leading innovation and conversation about taboo topics using authenticity, humor, and humility. Lori is a therapist who specializes in attachment and trauma, is trained in family counseling, child and adolescent therapy and infant mental health. Lori maintains a small private practice supporting people in attachment, relationships, and personal growth. Lori has spent the last 27 years as a public-speaker motiving audiences in self-improvement, personal introspection, and healing through life’s presented challenges. Lori shares openly and genuinely about the effects of trauma, the journey of healing, and the impact that relationships have on our growth by being open about her own traumatic experience of being abducted, abused and left for dead in the pit of an outhouse toilet at the age of 3. Lori’s healing experience has led her, along with her treating doctor from her kidnapping, to co-found The National Foundation To End Child Abuse and Neglect (EndCAN). Through her work at EndCAN, Lori continues the conversation with audiences big and small helping people to talk more openly about child abuse and neglect, moving it from its current view of being solely a social and legal issue to also being seen as a public health, mental health and physical health problem that needs attention, community, a voice, and significant change in order to end abuse and neglect. Lori’s mission in life is to be intentional, impactful, kind and loving to as many people as possible, spreading messages of hope and possibility and uniting communities to change together one audience at a time. 

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Services I Provide:

  • Parent Coaching

  • Individual Coaching

  • Trauma Therapy

  • Child and Adolescent Therapy

  • Infant Mental Health | Attachment

  • Divorce | Custody | Parenting Unification

  • Expert Witness | Consult

  • Couples | Marriage

  • Individual Therapy

  • Family Therapy

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Lori works with professionals on personal development, career goals, and business growth and expansion.


Lori uses an attachment-based approach to her therapy and works with trauma, relationships, children, families, divorce, infant/attachment/adoption, and postpartum depression.


"Lori has been a motivational speaker since the age of 15. She focuses on creating hope and possibility and helping people to use their stories for strength and good."


Lori is the CEO of EndCAN, The National Foundation to End Child Abuse and Neglect. EndCAN focuses on changing the conversation and raising awareness to end child abuse in our lifetime"

Expert Witness

"Lori has been an expert witness in custody cases, reunification, parental alienation, divorce, child abuse, and attachment cases".

Change Making

"In order to change the world, we must do hard things. You, dear one, can do hard things".

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7475 West 5th Avenue, Ste. 306

Lakewood, CO 80226

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